Monday, March 26, 2012

Strategies for Restaurant Search Engine Marketing

Restaurants are some of the most searched topics online. As eating out becomes a trend, people use the internet to narrow down their restaurant choices. This emphasizes the need for dining businesses to invest on restaurant search engine marketing. Search engine marketing promises exposure online and a great number of potential clients. If people can find your restaurant easier, you have greater chances of increasing return on investment. Learn the different strategies for greater market reach and revenue.

Social Bookmarking

People use social bookmarking for topics and things they find interesting over the web. Social bookmarking services include Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. These services make it easier for people to note the page's location and share the website with other people. Allowing and convincing people to bookmark your website works well with attracting traffic and building backlinks. To do this, find people with keen interest on restaurant marketing. Promote or recommend their websites. Most likely, these websites will return the favor.

Google Places

Google places has become important for many local businesses specifically restaurants. It is important to take advantage of Google places for restaurant SEO. Keep in mind the following pointers:

- Claim place page - restaurants, especially those in local areas, have to claim their Place Page. Place pages offer more chances to obtain reviews and attract traffic. Be careful about the information displayed. It should be accurate and complete. It will be more advantageous for your business if the place displays professional photos instead of mobile pictures gathered from random sources.

- Consider Google for your site navigation - website navigation should call for action. It should provide clear categories to help users reach their desired pages. Clear navigation options help your links appear as "link packs" on Google search page results. For instance, place your "Reservations" or "Book a Table" link on the main category including the landing page. Other easy navigation options include "Our Food," "Menus," and "Contact us."

- Use Google AdWords and create a campaign with your own name - this will drive review websites down the search results page. You have better chances of pushing your website at the top if you invest on your brand name.

Coordinate your Google accounts with Google places. The more coherent your accounts are, the more points you gain from Google.

Social Media

Use social media to encourage buzz talk. Twitter and Facebook have become common places for people to check out local restaurants and shops. Work on your Facebook and Twitter account. Put enough pictures to give potential customers an overview on what you offer. Presenting the ambiance and food specialty of your restaurant accurately will attract the right clients. These customers may even become your loyal followers in the future.

Working on your SEO and internet marketing campaign requires proficiency and knowledge of how the market works. Hire a professional SEO company to perform SEO strategies for your shop. Letting an expert handle SEO for restaurants gives you more chance to concentrate on your business.

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