Friday, February 10, 2012

Five Popular Document Sharing Sites

Internet marketers have always strived hard to increase the popularity of their site and create back-links for it to increase traffic. Unlike article and blog submission for gaining top search ranking, there is another new way of link building. It is this method which most of the internet marketers and SEO engineers prefer these days for increasing their site rank. Today we can say article and blog submission have become a traditional method with the arrival of document sharing.

However, this method is just an alternative to the article and blog submission method and is used for gaining good search engine results. Talking about this method there are many documents sharing sites available on the internet that helps internet marketers submit their document i.e. article, blog or any other web content in a PDF, Excel, Word or any other format for the audience to view it easily. Submitting documents there is totally free of cost and most of these submitted documents do not undergo a rigid review by the site owners.

With document sharing websites slowly gaining pace here is a list of five that will help SEO and other internet marketers create good back links.


This website is a document sharing platform and social networking forum for professionals. Currently the site hosts above 12, 000 business, legal and professional documents that can be searched and downloaded by the audience easily. It supports all types of files like Word, PDF, XL, Ppt and text.


This site too is very similar to DocStoc. It proves to be one of the largest document sharing sites with more than 17 million people viewing their documents every month. It offers a lot of categories for sharing files. Different types of documents could be shared in this website. Once again uploading and sharing documents is totally free.

Google Docs

Google docs which is a popular document sharing site lets users share and collaborate documents. Google docs offer many templates created by Google which can be downloaded. Once again it has different categories for sharing files. It supports office file types and PDF. Sharing documents in this site is highly useful and once again free of cost.

This is a free SMS portal that allows users to save important documents, pictures, songs and many more on MLL Doc and then share it with others via SMS. Different types of files can be shared like PDF, Docx, Ppt, jpg etc. document and other file sharing is free with MLL Doc.

Microsoft Office Online

This contains a lot of reusable templates that can be downloaded. It also helps people to submit self-created templates to share with others. The templates can be searched according to different categories. Audience can easily find a lot of documents on any random subject. This site too unlike any other document sharing site supports all office files and is free of cost.

These were the five different ways of documents sharing that would be helpful for internet marketers and SEO engineers.

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