Thursday, February 16, 2012

Internet Business Topic - Are All The Article Sites Copying Each Other

Over the years, I've posted articles at my favorite online article website, and although I often get invited to the others, I stick with what I know, and believe loyalty is important. It's also a trust factor, as over the last five-years I've seen article directory sites come and go, some start out with so much promise, and hype, you think wow, this could be big, only to fall into obscurity some 6-months later. Okay so, I'd like to discuss the issue with imitation, innovation, and outright copying when it comes to article categories in such venues.

You see, I've been amazed that nearly every directory site has similar categories. Did someone simply write down a list of categories once, and then everyone used the same list? Where is the mental brilliance in that, other than the first individual that made the list? See that point. Also, I've noted that most categories on such sites are typical, and often fitting for the Facebook crowd, but really do a disservice for the more intellectually endowed individual who'd like to learn about cool stuff. Things like engineering, math, science, and future tech for instance.

Some say that the Internet is dummying us down, but whose fault is that? Are there just so many shallow people out there that all they want is the same-old typical, or if given a choice might more migrate to more mental stimulation. Well, I'd like to think the latter and even if the jury is out, shouldn't the article directory sites, the good ones, lead the way?

Okay so, my suggestion is that the top online websites of this nature, should add more intellectually legitimate categories to attract higher end writers, not just stupid stuff for the Facebook crowd, as well as readers who want to be challenged, and enjoy the internet as their personal tool for a lifetime of learning. I would suggest the following new categories to be considered;

Artificial Intelligence
Six Sigma
Neuro Science
Private-Space Flight
Transportation Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Virtual Reality

Why not? It makes sense to take this venue to a higher level. Currently, as a prolific online article writer who likes to think, I have noted at times, that I often force my articles into the wrong categories, because the choices or the computerized system doesn't serve the needs of the Internet viewers of a higher-order of IQ. Is this a complaint you ask? Oh heavens no, what I would like to see is a way to get the mindless masses online to start thinking again. So, please consider all this and think on it.

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