Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Steps to Making Money From Online Translations

Are you searching for a source of extra-money? If you are looking for another job or you have some spare time (you will surely make some, if you really want), a viable alternative would be doing online translations. You read everywhere that online business can get you fabulous sums of money. $100,000--$200,000 a year is what companies propose. I couldn't guarantee such a success, but from my own experience I can say that I've reached $1,500 a month through translations.

How does it work?

It's simple. to start with, you need a computer with Internet connection and... a durable keyboard which will get you through typing hundreds of pages. Before starting, you need to do some research among the existing offers on the virtual market. You will be glad to find out that the requirements are not as strict as in the real life, so a little bit of courage and perseverance can be valuable resources. It is required to have a good level of English, in order to succeed in this try. Keep in mind that you don't have to be a professional translator to be part of this business.

You need to register for a website offering access to a so-called marketplace where you can find thousands of translating jobs. Don't get discouraged by the initial fee you will have to pay! This is, in most of the cases, going to the direct employees of the company. However, this is an important aspect you should consider, before making any payments. Everybody knows that Internet is also a means for ghost companies to scam people into paying considerable amounts of money, for nothing.

Once you found a trustworthy company and you have registered, you will receive a useful guide which contains helpful tips&tricks. You will learn how to use online instruments, such as dictionaries, spelling checkers, so that the quality of your outcome will reward your pocket. Speaking of financial benefits, in the last 3 months I received on average, $700 a month, money which I used to renovate my house. I could not do this using only my salary, so online translations had an important contribution. It is a very flexible way to do business, mainly in what concerns the aspect of time. You are your own boss, make your own schedule and set your own goals. Make sure they are realistic and the translations are going according to your plan., otherwise you may be disappointed. There are no gains without hard work, and the $35 per e-mail or even $100 for text document will compensate for your efforts.

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